Banks: We'll Kick You When You're Down and Pat Ourselves on the Backs as Good Businespersons

As if news of some banks grabbing billions of tax-payer dollars, then handing out around $18 billion internally, as bonuses, wasn't enough… (Google, Yahoo, ABC News 2007, ABC News 2008, CNN, PBS News Hour)

There is now news that banks are kicking our fellow citizens who are down!

Huge fees to access their government unemployment benefits. (Google, Star Tribune, MS NBC)

It seems the banks are calling the fees "convenience" fees. I think they mean, "not only was it convenient to pocket billions of dollars the government gave us to loan to you puny citizens, but it's even more convenient to extort money from you when you want access to your unemployment benefits."

Perhaps there will even be a fee if you are walking down the street and happen to glance at an ATM, or one of their buildings or signs.

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