Decision Making Helper and Dog Attacks

At the risk of, again, sounding like I'm contradicting myself, I would like to offer another helpful tip for when you, or people you know, have to make decisions. I understand that these questions can be too blunt to work in every situation, but like another tip I offer , it's a good place to start.

Is "________" malicious? Is "________" nice?

I hope the answer is easy so folks can take the nice path.

But some decisions and consequences are not always easy to predict. In those cases, you have to ask yourself more questions, in order to reduce the possible options of decisions.

This article was inspired by the gross number of cases where dogs viciously attacked humans. Many children, and many deaths. To put a fine point on this problem, here are the words of the most recent victim I've heard about:

There was flesh and meat and bone...just hanging off my arms.

That is a direct quote from the woman, whos face was hidden, but bandaged arms weren't. She described a pit bull eager to eat her <1 year old baby. She had to put her baby in a trash can to keep the dog from getting to it. In the mean time she put herself between the dog and the trash can with her arms protecting her face. The dog attacked and chewed her arms.

The owners of the dog claim the dog has since run away. The woman attacked suspects, as do I, the owners are not telling the truth.

For the stubborn who need more explanations search the web, one million, eight hundred twenty thousand pages as of 2007-09-06. Maybe someday I'll compile more statements from articles I've read that describe the acts and brutality with which, various breeds known to be malicious and ownership, have committed, but for now I will just consider it obvious. If it's not obvious, then I suggest you try to figure out why these attacks are unacceptable, before you subject yourself to a first hand demonstration; learn the easy way, not the hard way.

Treat your neighbors the way you want you to be treated. You want people to trust you? Trust them. You want people to be nice to you and like you? Then be nice to them, be generous, or at least show them a friendly and hospitable attitude.