Complex Tax Code Madness Breeds Corruption

Tax prep. ad, 'Can you afford to do your own taxes this year?' Here is a quick page which holds links to some photos of junk mail sent by a tax preparation service.

I am totally disgusted with the complexity of the US tax system. I could cry that my dad spends MONTHS each year doing his taxes and still makes mistakes. This is a waste of his life! Those who have done this to him will pay, on or before Judgement Day!*

Those who have done this to all of us will pay. There are some of us who have gone out of our way to straighten the crooked, simplify the complex, make things clear, and shine light on dimly lit areas. But there are others who have hidden what should be available, turned simple statements in to multi-paragraph or multi-page madness, and have literally given their lives to the devil through needless complexity.

Accountant Not Accountable? Innocent Victim? Fell in Own Trap?

Tax prep. ad, 'If any of these questions apply to you…' I know there will be, and has been, much resistance to simplifying our tax codes, first because many people know how to "game" the system and take advantage of the rest of us through loopholes. But there are also many "ambulance chasers" who thrive off of the complexity and use it to form their businesses. However, after recent news of Tom Daschel's tax problems where it seems his own accountant, who it seems is somehow not accountable, didn't do Tom's taxes correctly, I decided to write about this to President Obama.

As some evidence that companies thrive and threaten us with the complexity of our evil tax codes, here are photographs of an ad send to me.

What's the answer?

A flat tax where everyone is taxed the same amount! (Perhaps somewhat progressive at the very bottom, for the poorest people who are just barely scraping by.)

I am not an expert, I am certain many people have given much more thought to it than I have. I know I heard Jerry Brown pitch it on Tony Brown's Journal many years ago.

* (Don't worry about me, I'm not planning any ills, just the opposite, I'm praying for them, that they repent. What is going to happen is God is going to stop holding back all their evil, then it will come like a tsunami, a number of "bowls of wrath" in quick succession.)

General Reason:


Although I pointed out one thing about Jerry Brown that's good, his support of the evil Drug War totally counters the advantages of putting him in office to institute a flat tax. DO NOT VOTE FOR JERRY BROWN! At least until he changes his tune on the Drug War.

Judge James P. Gray has an article about a flat tax. I've not read the whole thing, but I want to link to it so others can:

Inmates bilk Uncle Sam for millions

Investigators say Monroe County jail inmates in Key West had been filing false tax return forms for jobs they never had as far back as 2004, and getting thousands of dollars a pop in refund checks.

More than $14 million in fraudulent refunds were issued to prisoners in 2004, according to testimony before a House subcommittee five years ago. But the IRS blocked more than $53 million in false claims from prisoners that year.

As the investigation at the Monroe County continues, at least one inmate is still allegedly filing falsified tax returns, according to jail officials, even though he knows about the investigation. And the IRS has been cutting him checks. Jail officials, however, say they have intercepted the checks.

Ellsworth says that as a taxpayer he is angry that billions of dollars may have been stolen from the American people over the years.

Not content with ruining people's lives at the rapid rate they have been doing so, it seems there are new regulations headed down both barrels aimed at sucking up what they can so they can enrich the people in love with busy-work.

IRS starts mopping up Congress's tax-reporting mess

Instead of simplifying our evil tax code madness, the government has decided to layer on more paperwork to suck up people's time. No doubt as they do so, the businesses will also say that since this takes time for them to perform, it will mean higher prices for customers, thus passing along the cost to the rest of us.

I have to laugh that our govt. has regulations about amounts of fat one should eat, and guidelines on body to fat ratios. But frankly our government seems to be mostly fat itself! Hey you people who make me so mad I want to call you all DUMBASSES if you're going to make freaking jobs programs, at least have those jobs doing something beneficial for humanity and society instead of being parasites on us!

Like jobs that help the environment vs. create so much paperwork we chop down the forests? Like jobs that put gardens in inner-cities instead of making the cost of doing business there so high that businesses leave? Like jobs that check on the elderly who live by themselves, to do house and yard maintenance for them, instead of installing heartless machine overlords on their buildings that decided when they are going to freeze to death? Like jobs that help people realize that having zero, one, or two children is far superior to having 10? Like jobs that install — for free — energy collection apparatus on people's houses which let's them sell electricity back to the grid, once the installers (govt.) get's paid back? Like jobs that reduce needless complexity instead of create it? Like jobs that find the truth about drugs versus spreading evil lies about them?

I guess some people just can't create lives of hell for the rest of us fast enough. I guess some people just can't get to hell fast enough. That's what's going to happen to many, because they are doing what their father wants, drive people broke, frustrate them with endless bureaucracy, confuse them with baffling BS, etc…

There is quite a bit of news about Rep. Charles Rangel these days. From what I can gather he was on a committee that wrote wrote tax code or some such. And it seems he didn't pay all the taxes he should have.

I have to admit I haven't followed it closely. But I want to point out my anger here is not to spank some individual over not paying taxes. As far as tax evasion goes, I feel certain there are people or companies avoiding paying millions.

But what also makes me seriously angry is how freaking complicated the whole system is. And perhaps Rangel deserves blame for that, I don't know, but it seems he is not being chastised for that, but because he didn't report $600,000 of income and some other things, which will yield the government (relatively speaking) pennies.

So instead trying to straighten the crooked (recall that from the Bible, yes you so-called "public servants?"), instead of trying to simplify artificially complicated tax rules… This kind of reminds me of how our government got bullied (or shoved itself in) to some sort of baseball and steroids committee meetings while our country was falling to pieces a few years ago.

In the words of Jesus, it almost seems like they are straining out a gnat but continue to gulp down camels.

You may not like my math here, but I blame the politicians 80% and I blame corporations, their lobbyists, and their lawyers 80%. Hm, that probably makes more sense now that I think about it, call it the ugly side of the revolving door syndrome.